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Advice & Tips

  1. Photography

    Think about the times throughout the day that a photographer will not be present.  Make sure you have someone being snap happy to ensure no moment is missed!


  2. Your MC plays an important role...          

    Plays a vital role in the success of your evening, so put careful thought into who you select for this job.  Make sure they are well briefed, and give your guests a run down of the days agenda...& remember everyone loves some humor!


  3. Careful with speeches!

    Make sure you know estimated times for each speaker, and be cautious when opening speeches to the floor, as it can take longer than expected, and affect the dinner service.  Keep speeches short, sharp and relevant.


  4. Preserving Wedding flowers.

    Flowers can be dried, turned into potpourri or individually pressed within the pages of a book. To properly preserve a bouquet, don't delay, begin the drying process before leaving on your honeymoon.

    Turn the bouquet upside down and hang it in a dry, dark place for about two weeks. By that time it should be completely dried out and ready to decorate a wall or shelf.

    To make potpourri, remove fresh petals and place in a bowl out of sunlight, for about 2-3 weeks. After the petals are dry, add a drop or two of floral-scented potpourri oil.

    Pressed flowers or just the petals can be used to adorn the pages of a wedding album, placed in a picture frame or used on stationery. Cut fresh flowers close to the base and place them inside a folded piece of wax paper. Then, place it all within the pages of a heavy book. Check back in two weeks.


  5. Wedding Vows

    There is a lot more to wedding vows than saying 'I Do'. Whether they be traditional wedding vows or personalised wedding vows, these vows declare to the world the love you have for your fiance and your willingness to spend the rest of your life with this person. The words that you use - traditional, famous, or your own - will create a moment that you will never forget.

  6. Arrival Beverages

    It’s a good idea to welcome people to your reception with a drink.  The traditional choice is champagne, but sparkling wine is an alternative.  For summer weddings, Pimms and lemonade in long glasses works very well.  BUT make sure you have a non-alcoholic option.  Orange juice is a safe bet.

  7. Ceremony Rehearsal

    This is not something to overlook, and if possible you should plan to have a full ceremony rehearsal prior to your Wedding.  I suggest having the bridal party, your celebrant, family members and anyone else who is going to be involved on the day.
    Here are some things to go though on the day:

    Walking down the isle
    Handing the bride over to the groom
    Where parents will be seated
    Where the bridal party will stand
    Where the registry table will be located
    Music - what is to be played when ? Timing ?
    Consider the sun position- you don't want to be blinded on the day
    Have your celebrant run through the ceremony, pointing out any specifics
    Work out who will have the rings, and when they will be handed over
    Consider photo opportunities
    Plan signing the register, who will sign first?
    Walking back down the isle?  Where will you go...?
  8. Expect the unexpected

    Have a back-up plan, especially if you are planning an outdoor wedding. Do you know where you'll go if it rains?

    Have an emergency sewing kit on site because you never know what could happen to the wedding dress that day.

    Have a number for a taxi company in case intoxicated guests can't drive home. In fact, contact the taxi company ahead of time and let them know you may need their services that evening

  9. Provide a nice ice breaker

    Help guests get to know you, your new spouse and family by displaying a small collection of photos of you, your families and friends in the cocktail area. The display will spark conversations.

  10. Don't get hung up on a Saturday Wedding

    Why does everybody have to get married on Saturday?

    Sure, it's convenient. Most of your guests already have the day off. But is that it?

    That venue you love for your wedding isn't free on a Saturday until 2037. But it's free on another day in the week you want. Why is this such a problem?

    Often venues will offer a discounted rate for a Friday Wedding.  It means your guests won't have to rush off after lunch the following day & everyone gets to catch up for a little longer.  Not to mention an extra day off work.  Its a win win!!
  11. First Florist Meeting

    At your first Florist meeting make sure to discuss not only your wedding colors and your favorite flowers, but also the theme and the mood you are trying to create. 

    Save pictures of bouquets and arrangements that have the "look & feel" your are wanting for your Wedding, even if it’s not the exact colors or flowers you want.  Don’t overwhelm your florist with countless images, just pick a few favourites, and be able to explain why you like them.
  12. What type of Wedding to have?

    Making a few decisions early and eliminating a few options will make organising your special day much less complicated..

    Different factors will be more important to you & your fiance than others, so prioritise these decisions first.
    What is the most important to you both... City, Date, Venue, number of Guests, Style.
    Deciding on a few of these factors first will limit your options and hopefully make your final decisions easier.
    Make a list of what you don't want to compromise on and the options get fewer making your planning a breeze!
  13. Your plans will change & change then change again!

    Your decorations & centerpieces will change so many times during your planning, from a cluster of vases to low arrangements, back to high, then finally low again (for now). When you first start planning, you will feel the need to make every decision of the wedding right away—what a waste of time! Your plans will constantly transform as you find inspiration on your favorite bridal websites, visit with your suppliers and attend other people's weddings. Just remember that this is normal, so your best bet is to go with the flow.
  14. A quick floral tip

    If you have decided to do your own flower arrangements... Our florist says that placing and arranging the greenery first will allow you to get the size, shape and balance you desire.  Thanks Barb!
  15. "Be Prepared"
    Have a back up plan

    This weeks tip come from our soon to be Bride herself.
    Especially at this time of the year.  No amount of sun dances will guarantee you a perfect day.
    -Have a 2nd option for your ceremony if your 1st choice is outside.
    -Have back up photo spots for rain.
    -Make sure your venue has heating.
    -Tell your guests to dress warm.
    "Be Prepared" - then sit back, relax & enjoy your day!!
  16. Have an emergency Kit

    Its a great idea to have a wee emergency kit with you throughout the day.
    A few bits & pieces that will solve potential dramas.
    -Sewing kit
    -Rescue remedy
    -Wet wipes
    -Lip balm
    Have it all in a small bag that can go with you for photos & be tucked under the head table later on.
  17. Steps for choosing a caterer

    1. Get recommendations!
    2. What services do you need?
    3. Consider their specialty
    4. Check Ingredients
    5. Get references
    6. Get a quote
    7. Check the contract
    8. Schedule a tasting

    These steps are detailed further in our Choosing the right Catering company section.
  18. Host responsibility

    As the host of any type or size of Event, it's always good to keep Host responsibility in mind.  If you are in a licensed venue this is made easy by the Manager on duty.  If your somewhere else, here's a few tips.
    -Have water offered around.
    -Have non alcoholic options available.
    -Have plenty of food available.
    -Have the taxi number displayed or a shuttle available to get people home.
    -Don't allow any drinking games.
    -Have fun!!!
  19. Tell the DJ what NOT to play

    You've worked so hard to come up with a play list, but it probably didn't occur to you to write down what you absolutely don't want to listen to at your event. Troubleshooting the music from the get-go avoids those "My Humps" moments in front of your religious grandparents or CEO your trying to impress.
  20. Avoid last minute spray tans

    They're a brilliant alternative to dangerous tanning beds, but you might be inviting aesthetic disaster if you choose to get hosed the day before your wedding or event. Obvious streaks and embarrassing lines of demarcation between fingers are not unheard of...so be sure to give yourself a good 48 hours for any necessary scrubbing, fading, or blending.
  21. Book early to avoid disappointment

    This wee tip came from DJ Taupo who is quickly filling up for this Summer.If you have a particular DJ, Photographer, Celebrant, Venue or any service provider that you really want to have at your Wedding or Event, Make sure you book them in early, you may need to be flexible with your date if you cant live without them and you don't book well in advance.
  22. Listen to the professionals!!!

    If your function organiser tells you you may need a little more time between courses, you may need to think about a bigger tab or perhaps you should start earlier. You should listen. 
    What they mean is you are cray cray and your plan wont work!!
    These people run events all day every day & have seen everything.  They are the professional for a reason and know the logistics of feeding, watering & moving people efficiently & effectively. It is in their best interest for your function to be amazing. 
    Listen to them!!
  23. Nails? Day before!

    This Top Tip is from Tongariro Medispa.
    If you want to get your nails done for your wedding or function, do so the day before.  It takes the rush out of the morning preparations.  Choose chip resistant and durable polish like Shellac.  That way they will still look perfect on your special day.
    See our Health & Beauty advice section for more tips.
  24. Check your dates!!

    You may have a specific date in mind for your Wedding or Event, it may be significant to you for some reason or another which is lovely.  What is not so lovely however is your guests not being able to come because your special date falls on a Wednesday, or accommodation being fully booked because you picked Ironman weekend for your family reunion. Check what else is going on in town around your special date.


  25. Don't confuse your style

    This weeks tip comes from Eventrent. Too often I see busy and confusing wedding styles by use of too many different elements.   For example, there are many versions of a ‘vintage’ wedding, so you need to get a clear understanding of what yours looks like.  Are you doing a rustic vintage wedding or do you want to achieve a chabby chic style?  These are the questions you need to ask.    Event styling is a service which pulls together your ideas and the various elements of your setting and makes them work complementary with each other.
  26. Choose your venue first!

    The type and location of the venue, whether for a Wedding, Event or Special occasion will hugely influence the look and feel of your setting. If you have a theme or style in mind the venue can make or break this.  Don’t try to do this around the other way – it won’t work.   Venue first, everything else next, simple!
  27. Cover your photo ops:

    A tip from The Amazing Travelling Photobooth. Your photographer is taking bridal-party shots, but who's taking pictures of your guests as they mingle, nibble, and greet old friends? No one--unless you specifically plan for a second photographer. A Photo booth is loads of fun and a great way to ensure you capture all your guest during the event.




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