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Choosing a DJ

We asked DJ Panther - aka Manu, for some advice on choosing a DJ'.  Here's what he said.

"Hi future brides and grooms just thought I'd post a couple of ideas to think about in terms of your wedding entertainment.  

I guess firstly it depends on what sort of atmosphere you were looking for and what you think your guests might expect of the evening.  Bands are always awesome (if you do your homework) but can be expensive and are often limited to maybe  1 or 2 genres and/or eras.  

In comparison a "GOOD" DJ should be able to cover a wide variety of genres through from the 60's to today's latest hits.  In keeping this in mind you should always do your homework, in terms of my services i usually prefer to meet prior to the date to get to know clients, to go through my music library and to get an idea of music tastes and any requests clients may have.  This way you as a client can get an idea of what to expect and who you are dealing with. 
Other questions to ask of your DJ are do they take requests, do they have any testimonials, and can they provide any images of functions they've DJ'd.  

One last tip people is, to think of your guests, I've DJ'd a number of functions where I've been asked to play particular songs but unfortunately the guests aren't quite on the same page.  Obviously it's your day but if the atmosphere isn't there because of poor song selection the night maybe a fizzer.  In this circumstance a good DJ should be able to read the crowd and play music to suit everyone ensuring everyone has an AMAZING night."

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