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Health & Beauty Advice

The lovely ladies at Tongariro MediSpa in Turangi have helped us with some Health & Beauty advice so you can look & feel amazing for you Wedding Event or Special occasion.

1. Consider getting your Make Up done professionally - it is worth the investment.  Professionals are trained to make you look natural, bring out your best features (and hide uneven skin tone and blemishes) and help you choose colours that will complement your dress.

2. Ask for mineral Make Up.  It is easier on the skin and won't clog the pores. 

3. Make sure you use talc free Make Up.  It doesn't reflect in photographs as so many make ups will do.

4. Bring your own lipstick when you get your Make Up done or buy one of the same colour used.  You may need to re-apply it before the wedding photos are taken.  Or better still, take advantage of Tongariro MediSpa's unique "Touch Up of Make Up" service.  They will come to you prior to you having your photos taken and fix up anything that's gone astray.

5. If you want to get your nails done for your wedding, do so the day before your wedding day.  It takes the rush out of the morning preparations.  Choose chip resistant and durable polish like Shellac.  That way they will still look perfect on your special day.

6. Facials are great to exfoliate and make your skin shine but are often not recommended before the Make Up is applied in case you have a rare reaction to the products used.  Why not try an All Natural Facial?  They only use pure and natural ingredients in their skin care products. 

7. Do you react to skin care products?  Try an Enjo Face Cloth for a gentle exfoliation of the skin and to prepare your face for or to remove Make Up.  It only needs water - nothing else.  The cloth saves you money on expensive skin care products and reduces costs on the environment (by saving on chemical and packaging production, transport, water treatment and landfill costs).  The Enjo skin care range is available at Tongariro MediSpa.

8. Wedding Stress taking its toll?  Have some Rescue Remedy at hand for any emergencies or last minute panic moments.

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